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Health & Fitness Coach

What started out as a passion project to increase his knowledge and understanding about nutrition, quickly evolved into Kingdom Trained - online personal training and nutrition coaching. Ikaika is driven by helping others gain a better understanding of what nutrition means while taking back their lives through a happy and healthy lifestyle. In a world where fad diets and workout plans come and go, Ikaika works with each client to implement individual plans and tasks that produce long-term results.
The daily hustle and bustle is real, and it is something Ikaika truly understands. He will work with you to help overcome the little challenges you might face. In addition to nutrition coaching, Ikaika programs effective workout plans, customized to each clients goals, which will help expedite results.
Meeting you where you are at - Ikaika encourages clients to start with the goal of becoming 1% better. It may not seem like a lot, but when compounded over days, weeks, and even years, you’re bound to see and experience change. Sign up with Kingdom Trained and experience your life change!

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 Throughout my fitness journey, I’ve helped multitudes of people improve their fitness, relationship with food and their bodies. A big part of that is putting an emphasis on the importance of working out - not to workout just to workout, but understanding the host of benefits that come with it. While variety is essential to keep you interested, too much variety can inhibit your progress.


Training and Nutrition - these go hand in hand. My objective with every client is to help increase their understanding about the relationship between nutrition and fitness and how one can directly affect the other - both negatively and positively.


As your Coach, I want to help you stick with a training program and implement an effective nutrition plan long enough that you see REAL results, and enjoy the process throughout.

Grey Brick Wall


Every day we are given new and fresh opportunities - To complete tasks, stack accomplishments and become better than who we were yesterday. REIGN EVERY DAY is a mindset that we practice at Kingdom Trained. Never settling, always striving to evolve to become our best self.


Are you ready to REIGN EVERY DAY?

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