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Improving Your Health: Simple and Easy Ways to Make Things Better

When it comes to feeling good, it’s all about quality. Whether you're trying to feel better in workouts, activities, or in general, it's important to know the different areas that play a role. Let’s dive into the different aspects of quality, how they can impact you, and a few tips and tricks that you can implement day-to-day to optimize how you feel.

Nutrition : More Good Stuff, FIRST

Now, when I say good, I mean good FOR you. When you prioritize the good stuff, you’ll fill up with the essentials first. If you’re still hungry, help yourself to the good goods. Now, for practice, eating slowly and mindfully will be your friend here. When you practice this, you allow your body to let you now when it’s fill. Eating is not (and should never) be race. No matter what you eat, whether is nutritious, delicious, or both, practice eating slowly and mindfully listen to your body.

Choose foods that are good for you, like fruits, veggies, lean meats, and whole grains. A general rule that we want to abide by is choosing minimally processed foods - or, the least amount of steps it takes to get to your plate. 

Moving : Have Fun with Exercise

Making fitness fun goes a long way. Finding activities that you enjoy and make you happy, like dancing or hiking will make fitness easier. Group fitness workouts is an excellent option, joining a community that has the same goal in mind - get fit! 

Sleep : Restful Night’s Sleep

Sleep plays an essential role in life. Quality sleep is even MORE essential. Creating a bedtime routine with calming things like reading or stretching can make a huge impact on the quality of your sleep. This will teach your body when it’s time to wind down for the day and prepare for a good night sleep. And, of course, having the right type of mattress and pillows can really make a difference in how well you sleep.

Drinking : Stay Hydrated

Keep drinking water all day to keep your body feeling good. Adding a bit of fruit or herbs to your water can make it taste even better! A good daily benchmark to aim for is 80oz for women, 100oz for men. A good way to make a dent in that goal is drinking a cup of water first thing the morning - 12-24oz is good.

Mindfulness : Relax and Unwind

Take some time to chill out and clear your mind. Simple things like taking deep breaths or thinking about what you're grateful for can help you feel less stressed and more focused on the good things in life. Remember, even small changes can make a big difference in how you feel. So, take it one step at a time and see how much better you can make things for yourself!

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